Hi folks; Eric here. I want to talk about the future of the site, and some of the changes that will be coming to it.

When I first started this website with a few of my friends, I never thought it would take off like it did. We really weren’t prepared for the amount of traffic and fans we would be getting, so we never really considered switching from WordPress.com (Hosted by WordPress; you can’t do much with it) to WordPress.org (Self Hosted; you can do almost anything). At around early October, I started considering WordPress.org, but decided against it. A few days later, I reconsidered the idea and realized that it could actually be a great idea, with all the new features we could add. So if you’ve been following the site on Twitter ( ), you’ll probably know that we attempted to transfer the site using WestHost. However, there is a law that requires you to own a domain for 60 days until you can transfer it, so we won’t be able to move the site until about November 14th. Luckily, we’re more than halfway there! When that date arrives, you likely won’t be able to access the site for a few days, as we’ll be doing renovation. So now that I’ve hyped up this ‘big November update’, I suppose I should list the changes we’ll be bringing to the site:

  • A new and improved layout/interface, with a better, more accessible design.
  • A huge game database filed with screenshots, trailers, and all the info you could ever need.
  • Game guides and tips, which the community can contribute to.
  • A whole new part of the site dedicated to NONtendo Authority.
  • We’ll open up other social media accounts for the site, like Google +, Facebook, etc.
  • Here’s the big one: Advertisements. Now this is a necessary evil in order for us to keep the site running, and we’ll try to have it display gaming related ads. We won’t ever use annoying clickbait ads or anything like that.
  • Lots more!

There you have it! We’ll be bringing a lot of changes to the site, so stay tuned. We may not be posting up as fast as usual this month, but we hope you understand, as we have to prep the site for a lot of changes. Thanks for reading, and goodbye!

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