A fantastic show

Gravity Falls, for those who don’t know, is a Disney, now Disney XD, show that takes place in the Mysterious Gravity Falls, Oregon. The show revolves around Dipper and Mabel who are a pair of twins that are staying at their Grunkle (their term for Great Uncle) Stan’s “Mystery Shack” for the Summer. They at first think of this as very boring until Dipper finds a mysterious journal that seems to tell tales of the supernatural. The rest of the show revolves around the twins (and some of their friends) solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls and meeting strange creatures, some helpful and others not so much.

With that summary out of the way, let’s get down to the real reason you came here, why you should be watching this Disney show. Many of these reasons stem from just how adult the show can be at times. In fact, at San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, stated that had he known Season 2 would be on Disney XD, he would’ve tried to get away with much more. What he means is that there are many references to more adult themes in this show, whether it be the so-called “Illuminati”, dealing with relationships, or a ghost wanting to basically commit genocide of some of the most important people in the town or the world. This show deals with many adult themes better than some adult shows do themselves.

Another great reason to watch this show is the comedy. The comedy in this show is superb. Alex Hirsch and his team say they “just throw whatever out there and hope its funny,” and it typically is. In fact, most of the voice actors are well-known comedians or have gone on to become comedians. I’d say this helps get most of the jokes across fairly well, but of course, the writing is a key factor of it as well. Most of the comedy is childish, but every now and then you’ll have more adult jokes such as “pug trafficking” instead of drug trafficking. The show pulls almost all it’s jokes off really well, and some, if not most, will be able to get you to laugh a bit.

This show has a story. This is very interesting, seeing as most of the modern Disney shows don’t have a continuous plot throughout the series, but Gravity Falls does. This is definitely a plus as it helps a watcher get more invested in the show’s characters. Some of this story is foreshadowed via hints or the end card slate. The end card slate is notorious for fans of the show, as it uses either numbers, letters, or a combination of both which the fans must use a cipher to, well, decipher what it means. Some of these messages may mean nothing, whereas others could be huge foreshadowing. As for the main story, I won’t spoil anything, but just know there are tons of twists and turns. The story overall is very enjoyable.Opening_book

You also have the characters. The main cast includes Dipper, a young boy who is trying to work towards becoming independent and impress his crush, Wendy, whilst solving mysteries. Then there’s Mabel, a young girl who loves everything with rainbows, glitter, unicorns, and of course, puppies. You also have Soos, the handyman at the shack. While he lacks intelligence he’s very wise, and almost always has a plan. He is a great friend to the kids and their friends. There’s also Stan, the owner of the mystery shack, and the Grunkle, or Great Uncle, to Dipper and Mabel, Stan wants nothing more than to bond with his Great Niece and Great Nephew. Well, maybe he wants money more, but that’s besides the point as he is always leading them on great adventures that typically end up with cooky endings. Wendy, Dippers crush, is also here. She’s a worker at the Mystery Shack like Soos, but she’s more intelligent and knows how to wield an axe or two. All these characters have their own quirks and humor that makes them all fit. They are a truly diverse cast, and they’re just the main cast of the show. There’s tons of side characters that appear often too.Gravity-Falls

There is also the score. The music throughout the show is just incredible. Take the theme song for example. It sounds so simple, but it sets the mood for what you’re watching, something all music in media should do. Although the music isn’t the greatest I’ve ever heard, I won’t deny that it fits the show’s atmosphere to a tee. Take a listen to the theme song and tell me I’m wrong.

You need to watch Gravity Falls. It has all the elements a show needs. Mystery, good music, an overarching story, amazing characters, and so much more. Just give the show a chance and you’ll love it, I’m certain.

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