Ramar Larkin Jones is a Pokemon fan like many of us. You may remember him for his pre-PAX Pokemon party that was shut down. He was also taken to court by the Pokemon Company. He believed the Law-Suit was a scare tactic. Obviously it wasn’t144382009665625His trial ended today and he is being forced to pay $5,400. If he’s lucky he may get it down to $4,000 dollars. That’s a hefty amount for a picture of Snivy and Pikachu on a poster of a party. On the matter Jones has said “I can’t pay it, I manage a cafe, and cost of living is super expensive in Seattle. I am hoping I can try to pay it over the course of a year, because I simply want to be done with it.”
To help pay for the expenses Jones set up a GoFundMe campaign for 4,000 dollars which you can find here

The final judgment and letters sent to Jones are below. Most of his personal information has been redacted.


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